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According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NTSTA), pickup trucks are three times more likely to be involved in deadly rollover crashes than other kinds of vehicles.  Because rollover crashes have the most pronounced injuries and result in more fatalities than any other type of on road crash, rollovers are considered the worst of accidents. The design and weight distribution of a pickup truck can make it susceptible to these types of increased damage.


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Such rollovers can be due to a pickup having design flaws which make it more likely to roll over, or having weight shifting due to carrying various heavy loads in the truck bed.

Some pickup trucks poor designs can result in crushed roof rollovers and though the means and technology exists to help prevent this, many pickups lack this additional support.

Additionally, pickup trucks can cause accidents that lower vehicles do not because of the potential for objects in transit to fly out of the pickup truck bed, striking other vehicles, or if involved in an accident with a smaller car, can miss the bumper and crush zones and come right on top of other roadway vehicles.

The same features that make pickup trucks so versatile and usable by businesses and individuals, also lends to more serious traffic hazards when cargo is not properly secured or crashes occur.

Thus, the same thing that makes pickups desirable for many owners — an open bed for hauling things — can make it a serious traffic hazard when such things aren’t properly secured and the truck hits a bump in the road and debris is jarred loose.

Pickup truck beds also are used as trash cans on wheels, with many owners tossing cans, bottles, papers and other debris into the back of a truck. This debris then may wind up flying into the windshield of a trailing vehicle at high speeds, causing a crash.

While safety measures are always being looked at, even new models regularly have safety recalls including the Ford F-150, GMC Sierra, and Chevy Silverado.

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