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To remedy a breach of contract, failure to pay, or any commercial dispute or business problem, the Law Office of Frederic G. Lemberg is here to help you reach a resolution, recover the money owed, get the products or services you paid for, and help resolve your business issues.

Whether it's non-payment by a customer, non-performance by a vendor, a small or big business or a family-business dispute, a construction or remodeling project, you can rely on the experienced attorneys at the Law Office of Frederic G. Lemberg for their ability to help you resolve your disputes quickly and diligently.

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When you need personal attention for your case, as well as a supportive professionals to help you navigate business and commercial law, we want you to know we are here. A skilled Scottsdale, Arizona business and commercial lawyer, Fred Lemberg, can guide you through the legal process. Call the Law Office of Frederic G. Lemberg today for help.

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