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Are you or a loved one injured by the fault of a business auto or truck? 

Car Crash Claims & Auto Accident Settlements

Have you been injured in an accident with a business auto and suffered severe injuries to you or your passenger?

If the answer is yes, Fred Lemberg, a skilled accident lawyer can help you file a business auto accident claim to get restitution for your pain and suffering and medical expenses directly related to the accident. A business auto accident lawyer is the first person you should call after receiving medical attention. We can help you determine if pursuing an accident settlement is the right course of action for you.

Car Crash Claims & Auto Accident Settlements

Business auto accidents are rarely caused by random events. Often, someone is at fault, and most of the time, the accident was due to negligent behavior. If this sounds like a situation you have been involved in, Frederic G. Lemberg, an auto accident lawyer, can give you an accurate idea of what to expect from a business auto accident settlement. Many variables go into determining auto crash claims and settlements. Four factors to consider when figuring out how large a settlement to award, include: the nature of your injury, pain and suffering; the cost of your medical care; your loss of wages; and your reduced earning capacity. Frederic G. Lemberg can give you an honest opinion on what you may expect from your settlement.

The burden of proof, when it comes to negligence, lies with the injured person. Because of this, it is sometimes difficult to predict the outcome of a case. A jury is tasked with determining not only what “reasonable care” is, but also if the offender used it or was, indeed, negligent. If the jury decides that negligence was the main cause of the accident, they decide on the amount of damages and who will be responsible for paying them. Responsible parties can include the owner of the vehicle, an employer, and in some cases the auto manufacturer. Frederic G. Lemberg will always work to get the auto accident settlement you deserve.

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