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If you or a loved one have been injured in an auto or trucking accident, or have experienced a traumatic brain injury, you should turn to Frederic Lemberg, an experienced Scottsdale, Arizona personal injury lawyer.

At the Law Office of Frederic G. Lemberg, we will help you seek the compensation you deserve after suffering traumatic injuries. Whether you were hurt in a car accident or in some other way, we are here to help. We are caring and realize you may still be recovering, so we strive to make the process simple for you. We offer easy scheduling so you can see Mr. Lemberg at a time that works for you. With reasonable pricing and aggressive representation for your accident injuries, you will find a strong advocate Frederic Lemberg.

Schedule your free initial consultation to better understand your rights and discuss a game plan to help you recover the financial losses from your accident.

Types of Personal Injury Law We Cover:

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When you need personal attention for your case, as well as a supportive professionals to help you through this difficult time, we want you to know we are here. A skilled Scottsdale, Arizona personal injury lawyer, Fred Lemberg, can guide you through the legal process to get you the money you deserve after being injured. Call the Law Office of Frederic G. Lemberg today for help.

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