Breach of Contract

An enforceable Contract exists when the following elements are each independently met:

    1. Offer – One party makes a promise to do or not do a specific action in the future.
    2. Consideration – Something of value is given or promised.
    3. Acceptance – The promise is accepted without reservation.  If a condition is introduced, then it is usually considered a request to modify the offer, or a rejection and a new offer.  The acceptance must mirror the offer without reservation or added contingencies.
    4. Meeting of the Minds – The parties actually agree upon all the material terms and conditions of the contract.

Breach of Contract has a significant impact on businesses and individuals.  If you are involved as a business owner negotiating contracts, disputing with your business partner, or believe you have been working with a business that has breached their contract, you need to have an experienced attorney to protect your rights.

Sometimes, even when the parties perform on the contract, there can be issues of misrepresentation.  If you did not have a clear understanding of the contract and were misled by the other party, you may have a claim for misrepresentation.

We can help you investigate, research, file, and resolve your business dispute because of a breach of contract and help protect your business and personal interests.

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