Construction Contracts

One of the most common types of construction projects is a remodeling project. Whether it is an addition to the home, a remodel of a bathroom, many of the same construction issues that exist in a new building also exist in remodeling projects.

Mr. Lemberg has been successful in working with the register of contractors and in mediation, arbitration and litigation, representing both contractors and property owners in resolving these conflicts and achieving satisfaction for his clients.

Sometimes the problem is non-payment for work performed and a lien or lien enforcement are necessary. In other instances the property owner has not been satisfied with the work completed and is disputing the claims by a contractor.

Whether you are the property owner, a general contractor, or a subcontractor, you can rely on the experience of Fred Lemberg to help you with your problem. The Law Office of Frederic G. Lemberg can help you minimize your exposure and achieve as speedy a resolution as possible.

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